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SSW Bi-Color

A new, gene-type platform of sweet corn seed, containing both patented (US Patent # 6,184,438) and patent pending modifiers, SSW® is the first privately developed, 100% natural gene type in history, that dramatically improves the performance of sweet corn seeds under most planting conditions, especially early plantings in colder or wetter soil. Other attributes suggest earlier maturities, stronger stalk and root systems, measurable disease tolerance improvements and overall higher yield potentials.

When planting SSW® varieties, it is important to plant to a stand and not for a desired population. SSW® varieties planted to a population versus to a stand may result in thick stands, which in turn can lead to undesired ear size characteristics and/or potential yield loss.

SSW® gene type varieties are compatible with conventional sh2 types and may be planted in harmony. Other gene types should not be allowed to cross pollinate with SSW® types in order to maintain visual and eating quality shelf life. As with most other gene types of sweet corn, SSW® varieties will provide maximum results when protected by cross pollination from any other gene types.

SuperSeedWare® Traits
• Much Fuller and Durable Kernels • Early Stand Establishment • Improved Holding Ability for Longer Seed Storage • Outstanding Appearance and Texture • Desired Plant Populations • Larger Seed for Easier Planting • Strong Stalks • Uniform Growth • Superb Sweet Taste • Strong Root System • Increased Yields • Aggressive Vigor

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