Master the jalapeño processing market with our newest pepper introduction, Ringleader. Its slender, cylindrical fruit allows for uniform cross-section ‘rings’. Ringleader is an ideal mild heat jalapeño with a Scoville Rating of, 1,000-2,000 SHU, that is easy to de-stem. It is a main season, dark-green variety with superior performance.

Item #: 74217
Crop: Peppers
Market: Fresh,Processing
Variety: Ringleader (74269)
Maturity: Main Season
Type: Jalapeno Pepper
Plant Size: Medium-tall; bushy; upright
Fruit Size: 3.75-4"
Fruit Shape: Slender and cylindrical
Fruit Color: Dark Green
Disease Tolerance: BLS 1-5
Compatible Replacement for: Ballpark and New Park

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