Sweet Corn

shrunken 2 fresh market white

This 79 day hybrid offers multiple disease resistance and exceptional white kernels. Growing on a medium plant, it has an excellent dark, protective husk.

Item #: 40917
Crop: Sweet Corn
Market: Fresh
Brand: Summer Sweet®
Variety: 8909MRW
Maturity: Main Season
Genotype: shrunken 2 (sh2)
Plant Size: Medium
Row Count: 18
Ear Size: 8 - 8.5”
Ear Shape: Cylindrical
Ear Package: Dark Husk, Excellent Flags and Husk Protection
Kernel Color: White
Disease Tolerance: (HR) Ps (IR) Et, Bm
Compatible Replacement for: 8101MR, 844W, Devotion, Munition

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