Sweet Corn

Genotypes Explained

shrunken 2 (sh2)

shrunken 2 types (sh2sh2) , often called supersweets, have four to ten times higher sugar content compared to normal sugar (su) types. The SH2 gene slows the conversion of simple sugars to stanch, allotting for a much wider harvest window. These types generally require higher germination temperatures and must be isolated from non-sh2 types.

**Shrunken 2 varieties may be planted in harmony with SSW® type varieties.

High Quality

HQ or MultiSweet® types have the highest sweetness, tenderness and flavor of any current SH2 type. These are high in sugars, slow to convert to starch and tender like conventional SE (sese). They have the best eating quality available.


** SSW™ varieties are compatible with conventional supersweet  (sh2) types and may be planted in harmony.

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